Donald Kerry Frey is the tech entrepreneur who founded and now runs both Frey Robotics ( and the Nova Tribune ( The purpose behind Frey Robotics is the notion that it’s possible to show people that the current state of technology is not at all scary at the same time they learn something that may spark an innovation that brings technology forward and makes it better. It is simply the case that more information makes them feel better about things. The more accurate information people have, the less anxious they are about what is happening in the world. Robotics can move forward and make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective in the long run, but people are worried, so they need to know more.

In addition, Donald Kerry Frey established The Nova Tribune news site to fill a need for a better entry in the information business. His overall goal is to present the news in a way that approaches all issues with an even hand. It seems as if every news site approaches the news from either one side of the aisle or the other and he wants to present the news from both perspectives.

The Nova Tribune seeks to provide an alternative to news consumers that informs them through articles that reflect a great many fields and interests. Donald Kerry Frey has always been passionate about information. He’s not just interested in consuming as much as possible; he wants to make sure people who consume information become smarter and more knowledgeable. Donald’s tech entrepreneurial background means he has what is necessary to make both sites successful.