Tech entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey has always considered information to be of vital importance to the constant progress of society. He also has a strong passion for the hope and the potential of the future. Others seem afraid of the future, but he believes their fear is borne out of the lack of good quality tech information and even less about what it actually means for the future. It is perhaps Donald’s impressive background has given him the knowledge and the skills to make a success of Frey Robotics, a tech news website he designed to inform people about the coming automation boom in a way that will serve to leave them less anxious as they read.

In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit, Donald Kerry Frey is also a big fan of the right kind of information being consumed properly by a public that is increasingly hungry for such information because they have been starved of it previously. In the hands of such people, the information provided by Frey Robotics could very well lead to new innovations and development that could make a positive difference in everyone’s life. That’s in addition to alleviating the fear many have about robotics. That’s a win-win for everyone.