Everyone who knows Donald Kerry Frey understands that he has always had a strong passion for media and information consumption. He has always wondered how it is possible to use information to make people more knowledgeable and informed, while at the same time making society more functional. For quite a few years now, Donald has pondered the best way to provide information to consumers in a way that teaches them the best way to use said information to become better people. Not just better citizens, but better people.

Donald Kerry Frey also pondered the idea that better information could lead more people to accept the future of technology and the benefits it brings. Hence his creation of Frey Robotics, which can be found at freyrobotics.com. Too many tech reporters take something of a dystopian view of technology and focus more on the disruption it may cause. Frey Robotics, on the other hand, functions based on the idea that you can inform people about the current state of technology and make them more accepting and less anxious about it.